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InGRID final conference

'Better science infrastructure for evidence-based policies on inclusive growth in Europe'
Final conference InGRID project
Brussels, 17 January 2017
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About InGRID events

Across themes, summer schools and expert workshops were organised. Calls for contributions to these events were disseminated to the broad community-of-interest and published here. Proceedings of these events are provided online.

Summer schools / Winter schools

A total of 18 summer (or winter) schools will be organised for early-stage researchers and policy practitioners.

Expert workshops

During the project, 12 expert workshops will be organised for expert researchers.


Past events

Summer and winter schools

Date Location Topic More info
25-27/11/2013 CEPS, Brussels New skills and occupations in Europe: challenges and opportunities here
26-28/02/2014 UEssex, Colchester Using EUROMOD, winter school in cross country microsimulation here
07-11/07/2014 AIAS, Amsterdam The gender pay gap revisited - causes and consequences of horizontal and vertical gender inequalities on the labour market here
21-25/07/2014 UNIPI-DEM, Pisa Poverty and social exclusion in three dimensions: multidimensional, longitudinal and small area estimation here
15-19/09/2014 UNI-HB, Bremen Advanced Poverty Research 'Intergenerational and life-course transmissions of poverty here
03-05/11/2014 CEPS, Brussels Intergenerational inequalities here
18-20/02/2015 UEssex, Colchester Using EUROMOD: winter school in cross country microsimulation here
01-05/06/2015 CEE, Paris Quality of working life and vulnerabilities here
6-10/07/2015 LISER, Luxembourg Advanced poverty research: poverty and material deprivation dynamics here
16-18/11/2015 LISER, Luxembourg Elaborating a discrete-time dynamic microsimulation model with LIAM2, an open source development tool here
23-25/11/2015 CEPS, Brussels From Uber to Amazon Mechanical Turk: nontraditional labour markets driven by technological and organisational change here
20-22/01/2016 UA, Antwerp EUROMOD-HHoT Winter School: Using EUROMOD for model family simulations here
09-13/05/2016 CEE, Noisy-Le Grand Quality of working life and vulnerabilities here
18-20/05/2016 ISER-UEssex, Colchester Using EUROMOD, summer school in 'Cross country microsimulation' here
30/05-03/06/2016 HIVA, Leuven Reaching out to hard-to-survey groups among the poor here
28-30/09/2016 UA, Antwerp EUROMOD-HHoT: using EUROMOD for model family simulations here
24-28/10/2016 AIAS, Amsterdam Migrant women on the labour market - identifying determinants and consequences of
labour market inequalities considering the intersection between gender and ethnicity
9-10/11/2016 LISER, Luxembourg Theory and practice of programme evaluation: evidence from regression discontinuity
design based methods
30/11-02/12/2016 UEssex, Colchester Using EUROMOD, winter school in cross-country microsimulation here


Expert workshops

Date Location Topic More info
27-29/11/2013 TÁRKI, Budapest Framework and methods for indicator building for various vulnerable
10-12/02/2014 AIAS, Amsterdam Developing and testing new tools to measure occupations and their
task and skill requirements
07/04/2014 CSB, Antwerp Model family simulations of income policies: taking the next steps with
28-30/04/2014 UBremen, Bremen Protocol development for hard-to-reach and hard-to-identify groups in
living conditions surveys to enhance cross country compartive research
20/10/2014 CEPS, Brussels Using web crawling data in identifying new jobs and new skills here
19-21/11/2014 SOFI, Stockholm Development and dissemination of social policy indicators here
15-17/06/2015 UNIPI-DEM, Pisa Local statistics for decisionmaking on well-being and vulnerability here
25-27/06/2015 CED, Barcelona Research uses of high-precision census samples here
9-11/09/2015 UEssex & UA, Colchester Evaluating the effect of child care policies: improving comparative research tools here
4-6/11/2015 CEE, Paris Quality of working life and economic performance: results from linked employer/employee surveys here
25-27/11/2015 UA, Antwerp Minimum income protection in Europe... and how to study it here
16-18/03/2016 LIS with TARKI Expert workshop ‘Visualisation and outreach to stakeholders’ here
23/05/2016 CEPS, Brussels Using Big Data to Advance Policy Research here
7-8/11/2016 AIAS, Amsterdam Indicators for job quality, industrial relations, occupations, and new skills and tasks here

Research infrastructure fora

  • InGRID satellite event 'NTTS Conference 2017'
    'Presentation of the statistical component of the InGRID research project'
    13 March 2017, Brussels
    More information here

  • InGRID satellite event 'NTTS Conference 2015'
    'Evidence-based contributions to the Europe 2020 policies of inclusive growth - from the viewpoint of new trends and evolutions in related offical statistics'
    13 March 2015, Brussels
    More information here

  • Second Research Infrastructure Forum
    'Inclusive growth and the European semester policies, indicators and data'
    2 April 2014, Leuven
    More information here

  • First Research infrastructure Forum
    'Setting the agenda of the InGRID project'
    9 April 2013, Leuven
    More information here

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