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Visiting grants

Visiting grants for free-of-charge access to InGRID data centres

Visit one of our 13 research infrastructures with expertise and databases in poverty, work and social policy or one of our statistical competence centres.


Short presentation of the transnational access within the InGRID project.


A key activity of the InGRID project is providing transnational access to research infrastructures with data and expertise within the fields of poverty and living conditions, working conditions and vulnerability, social policy analysis and statistical quality management for social sciences. Researchers working and living within the EU member states (or associated countries) are invited to apply for free-of-charge access to and support in one of the 13 research infrastructures. Next to access to statistical competence centres with expertise in social science statistical research, access will be granted to major surveys and tools such as LIS, LWS, IECM, SPIN, CSB-MIPI, WISCO, ICTWSS, EWCS, ECS, wage indicator data, EUROMOD, ... in research infrastructures with extensive experience in working with these data. A description of the research infrastructures can be found at research infrastructures. Experiences of previous users can be found at Previous visitors.


Via short and long-term visiting grants (between 1 week and 1 month), researchers can experiment with and work on data in a context of mutual knowledge exchange and cross-fertilisation. Therefore, 10 calls for visiting grants will be launched quarterly during the project. Potential applicants can get more information on the application process and terms and conditions for access to InGRID research infrastructures on this website. Applications can be submitted online at Apply now. Successful applicants will be informed after the selection procedure and the list of selected users will also be available online. After the visit, users will be asked to fulfil some post-visit requirements. For further queries related to this transnational access, applicants can consult the FAQs.

InGRID will give 205 visitors the opportunity to have free-of-charge access to one of the InGRID data expertise centres, which will account for 2009 days of visits.


  • Last modified 22-03-2016